About Me

Hello my name is Krishinda Powers-Duff and I am; an NHS trained and NMC registered midwife, mother of three beautiful young adult children, orthodox Buddhist, and independent midwife.

Shortly after qualifying as a midwife in Bristol, I moved to Barcelona where I worked as a private midwife to ex-pat and Catalan/Spanish families.

I became one of the best known and most loved midwives in the ex-pat community and spent eight and a half years supporting beautiful families to have the births they wanted, with love, dignity, and respect.

Barcelona 2018

It has been my pleasure to support some of my families for first, second and even third babies. Having this kind of continuity really makes a difference to your birthing experience and it is what I love to give.

I returned to the UK last year to take up a post as a midwife at the Princess Royal Maternity hospital. I worked there for over a year but in my heart, I felt I needed to return to work one to one with women.

Normality is my passion and supporting families to have beautiful, loving births is what I do best.

So here I am, arms wide open, full of experience and confidence in a woman’s ability to birth in normality and in her own unique way. I support women and birthing people from all over the world and am happy to support you with my bespoke one to one care.

Whether you choose home or hospital birth I can support you to have the birth you want.

I also have a great passion for birth education and teach private classes as well as group sessions.

My classes are deeply informative and based in the physiology of birth-giving parents an in-depth understanding of how birth works and what can hinder it.

I am also a breastfeeding support worker and have a 97% success rate for the women I support, whom many continue to feed their babies over a year.

I know that one to one support is the key and I am always there to give this support to my clients. Having worked both in hospital and home birth I pride myself on bridging the gap between holistic midwifery care and the medicalised system.

It is my great pleasure to support you through the amazing journey of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Please feel free to contact me for a chat about how I can support you to achieve the birth you dream of.

*I am fully insured for antenatal, postnatal and perinatal care.

Contact me:
mobile 07305334793
Facebook: The Glasgow midwife